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Phillip Langenberg

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Birthday: May 22, 1984
Email: click here
Info: Graduated high school from North Stanly High in 2002. I joined the United States Marine Corps and was born again Jan. 31, 2003 on the enjoyable Paris Island, SC. I served the Corps as a M1A1 MBT crewman, serving two tours; Afghanistan, Iraq.

In 2006 I decided to get an education and enrolled at Stanly Community College, NC. I receieved my Associate of Arts and transfered to Appalachian State University, Boone NC! APP-STATE!! I enjoyed the vaste and quick three and half years there and left with a Bachelors in Physical Education, K12.

I did security work after graduating and then landed contract work for a publisher. I got into game developement and design through a MOD – Mechwarrior Living Legends. I met some amazing and talented people who held my hand in the fine arts of 3Ds Max! I began collaboration with Rudy on a game idea that we had and it evolved into BTU. This is a labor of love that we all will see finished, because at the end of the day we want to make this game and share it with every other BattleTech / Mechwarrior fan!

Rudy V.
Info: I live in Austin, TX but I grew up on the east side of Houston. When I heard that the gaming industry had a huge presence in Austin I moved here as soon as I could. After attaining a Bachelors Degree in 3D modeling and design, I began working as a freelance artist. Ironically, since becoming a freelance artist none of my clients have been in Austin. However, this has trained me to work remotely with little supervision and it has increased my self-discipline. I greatly enjoy working as a freelance artist because it has given me excellent real world experience.

A little over a year ago Phil discovered my Battlemech art on the Mechwarrior Online forums. He asked if I was interested in helping develop BTU and I was extremely happy to join the team. I have been working on everything from building models, animation, writing JavaScript, painting textures and environment art. Now that we are bringing on more team members, I will be changing the focus of my duties.

  1. may i inquire if your images might be used

  2. Former Starlance MechCommander admin here I’d be down to help with the project in any way I can as this seems the truest incarnation of a mechcommander’esque game in awhile….and MWO murdered my love of Battletech (downloading MW:LL right now) lol

  3. When do you think a playable demo/beta will be available?

  4. I would like to help with this project in whatever way I can. Please drop me a private message.

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