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Concept Art: The Blackjack


Today we have the Blackjack a medium battlemech. More information here: Blackjack

Here is the 2D Concept:


3D Renders:

bj01 bj02 bj03 bj04 bj05 bj06 bj07 bj08


From → Concept Art

  1. Very good concept art and faithful modeling. But the Blackjack has two of the medium lasers in the torso, not in the arms.

  2. Looks cool, I wonder if you guys are gonna do a “Founder’s Program” like on Mechwarrior Online or Mechwarrior Tactics.

  3. ShoeValentine permalink

    here it is clear to see how these very easy set-ups look so different from all these perspectives… totally different emotions come up.. although there is no coloring and all that refined stuff

  4. I would be lie’n if I didn’t say that I like this one a lot better than MWO’s Blackjack. MWO’s blackjack is good but this one is pretty epic and everything the blackjack has been to me.

    • ShoeValentine permalink

      yeah it seems to be strong, athletic, tough and somehow like an armored adventurer

  5. I’ve never been a fan of the Blackjack, and I agree with Dayan, it looks a lot more canon than I would have expected, considering what you did with the Locust. However, this still looks very good.

  6. faithful to the old canon yet still modernized and looking like a proper medium fire support ‘mech. bang on, people.

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