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Concept Art: The Locust


As we continue to move forward behind the scenes, I figure it was time to at least give you some eye candy to look at. Today we are looking at the Locust light battlemech. This will be the players first battlemech in BTU!

Here is the 2D Concept:

Here is some 2D Orthographic images:
Below are 3D Renders of the modeling process:
Locust-0001 Locust-0002 Locust-0003 locust-0004 locust-0005 locust-0006 locust-0007


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  1. ShoeValentine permalink

    Yes, it is redesign. But it is beautiful redesign!

  2. I didn’t think I could like the Locust in any form other than the original. However, I think I just fell in love with this ‘Mech all over again. Nice. Thank you.

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