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Just letting everyone know that design documentation is coming along great! I will be sharing BTUs primary features in a post in the upcoming week.


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  1. Since I can’t start a comment/thread, I’ll just have to ask, here… is there any new news anywhere for this project?

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing all it done. From what I’ve seen, it’s going to be a great game. And I’ll say this, it’ll knock the socks off MechCommander.

  3. Okay, so… you guys came up with so many features you would like to have put into this game last week, and now you need this week to pare them down to make a more realistic list, right?

    Extremely responsible of you, and I look forward to hearing what awesome features you guys pare it down to. I would say, though, don’t get rid of any features, just separate what you don’t think you can accomplish into a dream or wish list, just in case something good breaks, later.

    Well done. 😀 😛

  4. I can’t wait to see what you have to report from the docs. I have to agree with Charles, that this is something I’m eager to see. Just the initial work that was done for testing and what-not looks amazing. WARNING: Be prepared for a crap-ton of questions from me; these are designed to pick up on anything I believe may be missing, so I’ll ask about it. I am certainly glad to hear you guys are staying on top of this.

    • I’m looking forward to showing you guys what this game will be about!

      • Man, this is like the opening of a movie I really want to see… I get almost as excited as taking a ride on Elitch Garden’s Mind Eraser, hehe.

  5. Looks awesome.. definitely 100x better the MW:T.. Can’t wait to see this launch Closed Beta. Hint Hint

    • I think, if ACRONYM can get the game working the way it should work -and this is likely going to take some time-, that game will be good within its turn-based genre of gaming. For my part, I would eventually like to see a game that takes into account the whole of the BattleTech universe, has a First-Person Simulator portion, a Third-Person multi-unit control mechanism, and also deals in the absolutely extensive amount of lore of the game-verse.

      I do not expect that to come about for another decade, at least, but all of these BattleTech-centric games coming out, now, are fantastic, each in their own right, of course, and they are a bridge, I feel, to greater and greater things for those of us who love this game-verse, and the games that go with it.

      So, I can’t sit here and say Project BTU will be 100x better than MW:T, and I think it would be a mistake to make a comparison, as this game will, invariably, be different from the mechanics of that game. I do believe, however, from what I’ve seen thus far, that there are some true lovers of the BattleTech game -and I wouldn’t throw out MechCommander, since Daeron’s been putting out videos of gameplay for that one on YouTube-, in charge of building this one. MW:T, alternately, will have all of its own ways and means of doing things, and just because they’ve seriously over-reached their abilities, now, doesn’t mean they can’t recover in the future, and I think that game will also be a good one.

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