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Closed: Lead 3D Artist


We are looking for a Lead 3D Artist to solidify & complete our art team. Look for these traits, skills & experience:

  • Available at least 6-8 hours a week
  • Able to utilize Teamspeak 3 for voice collaboration
  • Friendly to work with, leave the ego at the door
  • Proactive & passionate about their work
  • Bonus: a BattleTech or Mechwarrior fan


  • Proficient or highly skilled in 3DS Max or Maya (Additional knowledge in Z-Brush, Mudbox or other 3d software is great!)
  • Can create low-poly, high-poly assets utilizing normal map, ambient occlusion
  • Can create assets based off of conceptual artwork with or without orthographic references
  • A solid understanding of art asset pipeline & workflow practices & able to implement such in Unity Game engine
  • Preferred Unity 3D Game engine experience
  • Must provide portfolio or previous game/project information.

If you meet above traits, requirements and skills and would like to be apart of this project please do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately!

Contact: Phillip L.


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  1. im also happy to sign anny NDA’s that might be need for me to sign

  2. hi guys live in australia im intrested at looking at your game havent seen much work on it tho ive started my diploma in digital and interactive games development and love to have a look under the engine and maybe helpout i did try to lead a modteam many years ago unfortunatly we didnt manage to progress to far but work can be found here

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