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Scale, Speed & Distance


We have created an internal scale for battlemechs to help with the overall aesthetic look along with how the mechs animation is handled when the battlemech is in motion at x speed. First let’s take a look at the numbers:

Battlemech Scale

Light Battlemech: 10 -10.75m

  • 20 Ton – 10m

  • 25 Ton – 10.25m

  • 30 Ton – 10.5m

  • 35 Ton – 10.75m

Medium Battlemech: 11 -11.75m

  • 40 Ton – 11m

  • 45 Ton – 11.25m

  • 50 Ton – 11.50m

  • 55 Ton – 11.75m

Heavy Battlemech: 12 -12.75m

  • 60 Ton – 12m

  • 65 Ton – 12.25m

  • 70 Ton – 12.5m

  • 75 Ton – 12.75m

Assault Battlemech: 13 -14m

  • 80 Ton – 13m

  • 85 Ton – 13.25m

  • 90 Ton – 13.50m

  • 95 Ton – 13.75m

  • 100 Ton – 14m

Looking at this information allows you to see the small vertical height difference between battlemechs of different weights. One thing we didn’t want to do is created a hugely disportionate scale, so to fix this the smallest 20 ton battlemechs will be only 4 meters shorter than the tallest 100 ton battlemech. Please keep in mind this is only a scale to help with aesthetics and animation.

We are using unity’s scale on a 1 to 1 basis, so when the battlemaster takes a step we can measure how far and how fast he is moving. Demonstrating below in the video is the Battlemaster moving at 64.8kph as it travels at max speed for 1km.

An object moving at 64.8kph in a straight line and at constant speed should take around 55 seconds, which is the case in the above video. These scale changes have effected our animation, which will need to be adjusted so the Battlemaster does not look like it’s sliding, this is due to the mocap animation speed being slowed down via unity, which now we have a solid scale in place won’t be an issue as we create new assets in the future.

Thanks for reading! Next up is weapon systems, ranges and implementation, coming soon!


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