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Design: Player Damage System


Player Damage System


All vehicles and battlemech’s share a similar mechanic of armor, internal structure and equipment. The vehicle motive type determines these factors; armor locations, internal hit locations, internal locations and critical hits. Each vehicle type has a unique hit box that is simplified into either a rectangle for combat vehicles or a cylinder for battlemech’s. The damage system is based off the hit boxes hit locations, then tied into the random % to hit system of how much damage is applied, are there are critical hits etc.



All battlemech’s will have the standard armor locations, internal hit locations, Critical Hit Locations that are based on the Critical Hit Table. The hit box for each battlemech asset will be comprised of a cylinder that is broken down into three separate hit sections. Each of those sections will be tied directly to the Armor & Internal locations of a battlemech.

Armor Locations

  1. Head
  2. Center Torso / Center Torso Rear
  3. Left Torso / Left Torso Rear
  4. Right Torso / Right Torso Rear
  5. Left & Right Leg
  6. Left & Right Arm

Internal Locations & Critical Hit Locations:

Head (Internal Location)

  1. Life Support (Critical Hit Location)
  2. Sensors (Critical Hit Location)
  3. Cockpit (Critical Hit Location)

Center Torso (Internal Location)

  1. Fusion Engine (Critical Hit Location)
  2. Gyro (Critical Hit Location)

Left & Right Torso (Internal Locations)

  1. Fusion Engine (Only for XL) (Critical Hit Location)

Left & Right Leg (Internal Location)

  1. Hip (Critical Hit Location)
  2. Upper Leg Actuator (Critical Hit Location)
  3. Lower Leg Actuator (Critical Hit Location)
  4. Foot Actuator (Critical Hit Location)

Left & Right Arm (Internal Location)

  1. Shoulder (Critical Hit Location)
  2. Upper Arm Actuator (Critical Hit Location)
  3. Lower Arm Actuator (Critical Hit Location)

Battlemech Hit Box

The hit box is a basic cylinder that is split into three pieces. The three pieces represent Rear, Front Left, Front Right. Each segment is then tied into the battlemech’s armor and internal locations. Each location will have an x value for the random % selection; Head will have a very low % of being hit under normal circumstances.

Front Left Hit Box

  1. Head
  2. Center Torso
  3. Left Torso
  4. Left Arm
  5. Left Leg

Right Front Hit Box

  1. Head
  2. Center Torso
  3. Right Torso
  4. Right Arm
  5. Right Leg

Rear Hit Box

  1. Center Torso Rear
  2. Left Torso Rear
  3. Right Torso Rear

Combat Vehicle


All combat vehicles will have the standard Armor Hit Locations: Front, Rear, Sides, Turret. All combat vehicles use the standard Motive Damage Table. All combat vehicles use the Critical Hits Table. The hit box for each combat vehicle asset will be comprised of a cube that is broken down into four separate hit locations. Each of those locations will be tied directly to the Armor & Critical Hit locations of the vehicle.

Armor Locations:

  1. Front
  2. Sides / Left & Right
  3. Rear
  4. Turret (Optional)

Internal Locations & Critical Hit Locations (Techmanual pg. 327)

  1. Front
  2. Side
  3. Rear
  4. Turret (Optional)

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  1. I would like to help out with this project in whatever way I can. Please contact me via a PM.

  2. Will the player actually be able to pilot something other than a ‘Mech? VTOLs? Tanks? Or how many units will usually be under our command?

  3. what about BattleMechs like Timberwolf, Warhammer, Loki, … who have “shoulders” or “Ears” (usualy rocketpods)? Will those be seperate hitboxes or part of the side torsos?

    • The great thing about using this type of system is that we can use standard battletech rules. Those details are apart of said locations; left & right torso. We don’t have to create any new systems either which is very useful.

      We are still going to be utilizing randomized/percentages for where a shot lands, but we are doing the localization so if your shooting the left side of a battlemech the damage will take place on the side of the mech.

  4. Sounds like with a little rejiggering you could easily make a fancy-pants replacement for MegaMek with this–adding a turn based system wouldn’t be too terribly hard, some time after the core gameplay is complete, would it?

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