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Welcome to the BattleTech Universe blog. As progress is made we will post information regarding our games design progression. You can also expect videos, artwork and general topics of interest as we focus on core components of game-play. We would appreciate your feedback, thoughts & suggestions!


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  1. Out of curiosity, are we supposed to be introducing ourselves, here? Or, is this an introduction page for the game only?

  2. Do you think of adding LAMs?

  3. looks great!!
    hoping for team co-op battles

    • Co-op is actually one of our main features. As we progress further we will begin to look at the technical aspects of how players can connect to each other or if there is a lobby system/server that is needed!

  4. I love how this is shaping up! How can I support this project?

    • Share the video & this blog with friends! Continue to share your thoughts, feedback and ideas as we post new design features, concept art, video’s and builds you can play!

  5. How are you going to get around the fact that the guys who hold the licenses are already going to IGP/PGI? Or did you guys get a license from Catalyst too?

    • We have already talked to and been given the green light to post this project by said individuals.

  6. Game has lots of promise, hope you guys can implement multi lance combat between sides. 4-5 lances vs 4-5 lances. =)

  7. ah so will this be a unity game? sounds promising

  8. Looks great! The community has been waiting for a new MechCommander-styled game for a while.

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