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Update: Project Status

Just a update about the status of the project for everyone. The game itself has not been cancelled, actually it is just on hold until Rudy & Phil have more time in their schedule. Rudy is actually working on a few other small projects & because of this has gained the knowledge to be able to facilitate all of our design features. This will be a big step in the right direction when we return our focus back to this! Have a great holiday!


Concept Art: The Blackjack

Today we have the Blackjack a medium battlemech. More information here: Blackjack

Here is the 2D Concept:


3D Renders:

bj01 bj02 bj03 bj04 bj05 bj06 bj07 bj08

Concept Art: The Locust

As we continue to move forward behind the scenes, I figure it was time to at least give you some eye candy to look at. Today we are looking at the Locust light battlemech. This will be the players first battlemech in BTU!

Here is the 2D Concept:

Here is some 2D Orthographic images:
Below are 3D Renders of the modeling process:
Locust-0001 Locust-0002 Locust-0003 locust-0004 locust-0005 locust-0006 locust-0007


Just letting everyone know that design documentation is coming along great! I will be sharing BTUs primary features in a post in the upcoming week.

Closed: Lead 3D Artist

We are looking for a Lead 3D Artist to solidify & complete our art team. Look for these traits, skills & experience:

  • Available at least 6-8 hours a week
  • Able to utilize Teamspeak 3 for voice collaboration
  • Friendly to work with, leave the ego at the door
  • Proactive & passionate about their work
  • Bonus: a BattleTech or Mechwarrior fan


  • Proficient or highly skilled in 3DS Max or Maya (Additional knowledge in Z-Brush, Mudbox or other 3d software is great!)
  • Can create low-poly, high-poly assets utilizing normal map, ambient occlusion
  • Can create assets based off of conceptual artwork with or without orthographic references
  • A solid understanding of art asset pipeline & workflow practices & able to implement such in Unity Game engine
  • Preferred Unity 3D Game engine experience
  • Must provide portfolio or previous game/project information.

If you meet above traits, requirements and skills and would like to be apart of this project please do not hesitate to reach out to us immediately!

Contact: Phillip L.

Moving forward

Just a quick update to let everyone know the status of things! First up is the fact we have two new BTU team members, Andrew & Tim, both of which are programmers! Want to know more head over to the ‘About Us’ page to see their information!

This project was held back allot by the lack of programming/scripting knowledge that Rudy and Phil just did not know. Due to this some of our design document was written in a way to basically go around those shortages and or it changed the scope of what we wanted to do. This is no longer the case and we are re-writing allot of sections to do what we wanted to do from the start. With the inclusion of our programming duo we have already started work on creating the framework and foundation for the game. Last night the team started working on a visual design chart to define each ‘avatar’ ie; battlemech, vehicles, infantry into their class.

We then looked at the design document and began making adjustments. We looked at our ‘avatar’ section and began listing the Rules for each class that we had just defined previously. Doing this allows a programmer to look at the design doc & visual design chart and understand both in equal terms.

What are ‘Rules’? Here is an example of the Avatar – Battlemech Overview:

  • Armor damage
  • Internal damage
  • Component damage
  • Heat system
  • Section destruction
  • Total destruction
  • Mechwarrior death
  • Weapon fire
  • Melee
  • Jump jets
  • Movement restrictions

Here is an example of the rules for the Avatar – Vehicle Overview:

  • Armor damage
  • Internal damage
  • Component damage
  • Section destruction
  • Total destruction
  • Crew death
  • Weapon fire
  • Movement restrictions

We will then define each ‘Rule’ in detail later, this is just the initial listing.

Ok, that is it for today, hope you enjoyed the post! Please feel free to post questions, comments!

Update: New Programmers

I’d like to welcome two new programmers to project BTU, we look forward to them opening doors that have been shut off. The inclusion of these two skilled programmers will allow us to implement some of our original design features that we had to sacrifice due to a lack of coding knowledge.

Andrew W.
Tim K.

Thanks for everyone else that showed interest in the open positions!